Sunday, October 23, 2016

Live This Week: October 23rd-29th, 2016

As you may know, we curate a very frequently updated local show list on the site, but if you need a quick look at the week's shows you can just check the homepage on Sunday mornings to see all the best shows laid out nice and tidy for you. Have a good week, see you at the gig!

Helado Negro w/ Scammers
October 23rd @ recordBar (KC)

True Widow w/ Low Lands and Dream Ritual
October 23rd @ The Riot Room (KC)

Yeesh w/ Boys Boys
October 23rd @ The Blind Tiger (KC)
21+ - 9pm

ScHoolboy Q w/ Joey Bada$$
October 24th @ The Midland (KC)

October 24th @ recordBar (KC)

Meshuggah w/ High On Fire
October 25th @ Liberty Hall (Lawrence)

Whores w/ Bummer, Hyborian, and Tongue Party
October 25th @ recordBar (KC)

Waveless w/ Chasm and Warm Bodies
October 25th @ The Blind Tiger (KC)
21+ - 9pm

Purity Ring w/ HEALTH
October 26th @ Uptown Theater (KC)

The Dean Ween Group w/ Meat Puppets
October 26th @ recordBar (KC)

Ricky Roosevelt
October 26th @ Lied Center (Lawrence)
Free - 8pm - All Ages

Someone help get Shuttlecock a Sprite sponsorship.

Joyce Manor w/ The Hotelier and Crying
October 28th @ The Granada (Lawrence)

Cloud Dog w/ LION and Vivid Zebra
October 28th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

J. Ashley Miller w/ Eddie Moore
October 28th @ Kemper at the Crossroads (KC)
Free - All Ages - 7pm

The Wonder Years w/ Real Friends, Moose Blood, Knuckle Puck, and Seaway
October 29th @ The Granada (Lawrence)

Piss w/ Anseidad, Napalm Meth, and Sacra Saturni
October 29th @ FOKL (KCK)
All Ages - 8pm - 5pm

Gee Watts w/ Kye Colors, Alex Dace, and Paul C
October 29th @ The Loop (KC)
All Ages - 7pm - $10 (Girls free until 9:30pm)

Keef Mountain w/ Inner Altar
October 29th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
21+ - 10pm

Conflicts w/ The Gorge and Aprilmist
October 29th @ Jackpot Music Hall (Lawrence)
8pm - $5 - 18+

Odd Harmona w/ La Guerre, Westerners, and Lovergurl
October 29th @ White Schoolhouse (Lawrence)
All Ages - $5 - 9pm

Photo Gallery: The Dillinger Escape Plan/O'Brother/Cult Leader at The Granada

The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Dillinger Escape Plan recently announced their impending breakup and released their final album. The influential metalcore played their final Lawrence show at The Granada on Friday night. The New Jersey band famous for their help in pioneering mathcore blasted through a set of material new and old, stagediving fans, and headache-inducing strobes. Many view the band's style as over the top, but their gift for creating highly calculated chaos is undeniable. The encore concluded with the band inviting dozens of fans onstage and vocalist Greg Puciato diving off a wood barrier onto the onstage crowd as the band continued to play. Support was provided by Atlanta post-hardcore band O'Brother and Salt Lake City metal band Cult Leader. The first half of Cult Leader's lacked in comparison to their performance earlier this year opening for Dragged Into Sunlight at The Riot Room. Vocalist Anthony Lucero's screams came across subdued and the instrumentation sounded a bit muddied, however once those two issues were cleared up the band's grinding, crushing take on hardcore proved to be deadly as ever.

Full photo gallery:

Friday, October 21, 2016

Photo Gallery: Skeletonwitch/Iron Reagan/Oathbreaker/Homewrecker at The Riot Room

Adam Clemans of Skeletonwitch
One of Ohio's most highly regarded metal exports Skeletonwitch headlined a thrilling evening of metal at The Riot Room on Wednesday night. Before them came Richmond thrash kings Iron Reagan who feature members of Municipal Waste and Cannabis Corpse. The band's set was full of short rock anthems for every alcohol lover and cop hater. Iron Reagan was preceded by Oathbreaker -- a Belgian post-black metal band that featured blasts of immense noise, impeccably-timed stops and starts, and the most haunting vocals of nearly any band that has visited Kansas City all year. Fellow Ohioans Homewrecker were the first touring band to play. The quartet made their second stop at The Riot Room this year and delighted many metalheads with their combination of thrash, hardcore, and crust.

Full photo gallery:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Deaton Chris Anthony - "BO Y" Stream

Deaton Chris Anthony and Broderick Jones at a house party
Andrew Lovgren created the first Deaton Chris Anthony album "BB" in 2015. The album is a sprawling masterpiece of emotional R&B, references to the internet, 20th century pop culture, and the pursuit of love. Lovgren finally brought Anthony to life in 2016 after some encouragement from friends, performing late night skate parties, a Shuttlecock showcase, and debuting a short film and clothing line at Sex + Ice Cream.

Lovgren has now returned to the West Coast until 2018 to complete his mission through the LDS church, however in his final days before his departure he completed a new EP titled "BO Y." The five song EP plays a bit like a mixtape, its songs sounding less like stories and more like bits and pieces of  Anthony's psyche or inner monologue. Those who had the chance to experience Deaton Chris Anthony live in concert this year may recognize some parts of "BO Y." The synths on opening track "Circles" seem to be chopped up bits of The X-Files theme that Lovgren incorporated into his Bobby Nagasaki DJ sets. "Tony Hawk" was a major highlight both times it was performed, offering Anthony's following a chance to wipe away their tears and party for a moment -- fans of his emotional side shouldn't worry though, he ends the song rapping about crying into his pillow. The EP ends with a song titled "Dogs," a lush synth-filled ode to Lovgren's skateboarding friends and their movie "D√łg" that Lovgren had a part in. Fans of the soundtracks of It Follows and Stranger Things will feel right at home on "BO Y." The new EP may -- and probably should -- confuse any first time Anthony listeners, but diving into the rabbit hole of Deaton Chris Anthony's music and persona is part of the fun. We wish Lovgren the best on his journey west and hope that Kansas City will be lucky enough to dance with Deaton again one day.

Stream "BO Y" below.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hometown Highlights: Scammers, Dead Dads Club, Obscenity Plugs + more

Kansas City, we think you're really cool so we made you an eight song playlist of new local music for you to listen to. It's got some punk rock, hip-hop, powerpop, singer-songwriter joints, and some other stuff. Let us know what you think of it.

Scammers - "#SelfieWalll"
Prolific Kansas City musician Phil Diamond has released a new Scammers album titled "400 LB BEAUTIFUL CYBER." Track three "#SelfieWalll" skewers and proceeds to completely roast nearly every aspect of Kansas City hipster/yuppie culture including -- but not limited to -- the overabundance of coffee shops, indie folk, and intense Royals fandom. Most songs with commentary on these topics are boisterous punk songs, but Diamond has taken things to another level by making it a full-on 80's pop song complete with funk bass and cheesy horn melodies (think Full House theme song). Track one "Everything Comes Easy" offers a similarly outrageous take on social media and privileged young adults.

Dead Dads Club - "feb3rd"
Alice Ryan has made a quick return to Hometown Highlights. Ryan took her previous "Riff Doesn't Know Shit" EP, added a few new songs, and renamed it "FARMBABY!!!!" "feb3rd" is a short track  -- like most of Ryan's -- that perfectly utilizes her quick strumming, chirpy vocals, and carefully placed harmonies.

The Drippies - "Razorblade Love"
Lovable Kansas City punk rockers The Drippies are back with a new single. "Razorblade Love" is the band's longest song yet and is among their catchiest. Vocalist Noah Hayes shyly sings about the ins and outs of his masochistic tendencies while the band cranks out hip-shaking 70's punk grooves. Fans can expect their vinyl debut early next year.

Kye Colors - "Slap"
Kye Colors has plans to release another mixtape before the end of 2016, but before that time comes he has offered fans a look back at one of his earlier songs. As the song's artwork notes, "Slap" was recorded on a laptop microphone when Colors was 14 years old. Despite not being all too polished, the song still manages to outshine scores of local tracks.

Obscenity Plugs - "hott mess blues"
Following two releases this year as Flatwoods Monster, Bennett Weaver has started another solo project. Flatwoods Monster and Obscenity Plugs both could be classified as lo-fi bedroom pop, but Obscenity Plugs shows Weaver writing in a more pop-conscious style as opposed to the gloomy, spaced-out vibes of Flatwoods Monster. There are already two Obscenity Plugs releases to listen to, but "hott mess blues" is a standout track and the "cassingle" release it's on shows a quick improvement from the Obscenity Plugs self-titled debut.

Berwanger - "I Want You Bad"
"I Want You Bad" is the first single off Berwanger's upcoming LP "Exorcism Rock." The song is as straightforward as a catchy powerpop love song can get. Moments on the band's previous release "Demonios" left room for indulgence, but if every song on "Exorcism Rock" is as uncomplicated as this, the band may convert a few fans upon its release.

Hungry Foxes - "Lilies"
Currently recording under the moniker Hungry Foxes, singer-songwriter Hanna Maria Albina has released a new single on her Bandcamp page. "Lilies" is Albina's most dynamic track yet, featuring crisp production (handled by Zack Hames of The Author & The Illustrator) and an electric guitar part that further accentuates Albina's flowery vocals.

Donnell - "Groove Tonight"
Good Colors singer and rapper Donnell is known for producing a majority of his own songs, but on his most recent single he handed those duties over to producer Wonya Love. Love creates a 2016 take on R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" full of electronic instrumentation and vibraphone melodies. Donnell is left to rhyme and croon to his heart's content and focus on winning over that special lady.

Check out past Hometown Highlights updates here.

Photo Gallery: Maal & Morris/Fat Tony at Intelligent Sound Loft

Maal A Goomba
Although half of the duo (P. Morris) is now based in Los Angeles, Maal & Morris were sure to show the Kansas City area love on their current tour. The Bear Club team loaded into a dark West Bottoms loft to perform songs from Maal & Morris' new album "Good Morning, I Love You." The album is an exploration in minimalist experimental hip-hop and electronic music that grows on nearly every listen. Houston rapper Fat Tony joined in on the goomba fun and opened the show with a DJ set and half an hour of career-spanning material.

Full photo gallery:

Live This Week: October 16th-22nd, 2016

As you may know, we curate a very frequently updated local show list on the site, but if you need a quick look at the week's shows you can just check the homepage on Sunday mornings to see all the best shows laid out nice and tidy for you. Have a good week, see you at the gig!

Sleep all day. This year is exhausting.

Busdriver w/ Metasota, Ebony Tusks, Farout, Scotty Wu, Sav Dawsyn, and Intelligent Sound
October 17th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Chook Race w/ Melted, The Drippies, and The Whiffs
October 17th @ The Blind Tiger (KC)

Bad Religion w/ Against Me! and Dave Hause
October 18th @ The Midland (KC)

Jimmy Eat World w/ The Hunna
October 18th @ The Granada (Lawrence)

Trampoline Team w/ Bottom Feeders, Wet Ones, and Kool 100s
October 18th @ The Blind Tiger (KC)
21+ - 9pm

Skeletonwitch w/ Iron Reagan, Oathbreaker, and Homewrecker
October 19th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Dowsing w/ Slingshot Dakota, Ratboys, Kississippi, Cadie Cowden, and Clearviews
October 19th @ Records With Merritt (KC)
All Ages - 7pm - $5

Ego w/ Salty
October 19th @ The Blind Tiger (KC)
21+ - 9pm - $5

Those Far Out Arrows w/ Drugs & Attics and Innermodal
October 19th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
21+ - 10pm

Bongzilla w/ Wizard Rifle, Leering Heathens, Youngblood Supercult, and P.G.S.K.
October 20th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Pariuh w/ Tongues and Killus
October 20th @ Lindquist Press (KC)
All Ages - 7pm

The Dillinger Escape Plan w/ O'Brother, Cult Leader, and Bent Knee
October 21st @ The Granada (Lawrence)

OG Maco w/ Aston Matthews, Insomniac Lambs, Poindexter, and Dee Day
October 21st @ Teepee Junction (Lawrence)

Jorge Arana Trio w/ Chew and HMPH!
October 21st @ Californos (KC)
9pm - 21+ - $5

DCPLX w/ {DKO}, Plastic, Peter Anthony, and X. Wilson
October 21st @ Niche (KC)
8pm - $5 - 21+

The Tambourine Club w/ Momma's Boy
October 21st @ The Brick (KC)

October 22nd @ Kauffman Center (KC)

Black Pussy w/ Merlin, Orphans Of Doom, and Custom Black
October 22nd @ The Riot Room (KC)

Astronautalis w/ Ceschi & Factor Chandelier and Transit
October 22nd @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)

Young Bull w/ Fantome, Dead Man's Hand, and Restraint
October 22nd @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
21+ - 10pm

Big Business w/ Doris
October 22nd @ The Tank Room (KC)