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Spine - "Deny" Stream

Spine at The Loft last year
While it feels like it wasn't too long ago when Spine got their start, Spine is now one of the longest running hardcore bands in Kansas City. Since releasing their demo in 2011 they have gone on multiple tours and released a 7", a 12", and a split with Chicago legends The Repos.

On their first EP after making a full-length album, Spine is back and as furious as ever. The lyrics are still tortured (is that a Drake reference on "M.M.S.," Antonio?) and the mosh parts are still heavy. The closing track, "Visitor," may even be the band's most menacing track yet. There really isn't too much to say about this seven-minute banger that you can't hear on the record. If you like punishing California powerviolence and ripping Boston hardcore (or either of the two), you like Spine and you like this record.

Give it a listen below and order it from Bad Teeth Recordings.

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