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False Brother - "False Brother" Stream

Thousands took to the streets last week to protest a newly elected leader who stands to further the endangerment of countless groups of Americans. Many marched while holding back tears; others let them fall. For the times when it's difficult to stand strong and defiant, people find comfort in music. If you prefer that your music sound as dismal as you might feel, False Brother is there for you.

Clocking in at 27 minutes, the debut release from this Kansas City post-punk band feels as cold as the air will be this impending inauguration day. False Brother is made up of individuals who are fairly unfamiliar to most of those involved in Kansas City's do-it-yourself scene. Hardcore punk fans, however, may recognize guitarist Esteban Rubio, a recent Houston transplant formerly of the band Dress Code.

What's most remarkable about False Brother is how quickly they've avoided every shortcoming that most new post-punk bands fall victim to. The band writes songs as interesting as they are moody, as well as creating an ideal tone; chilling and gloomy without feeling overly synthetic. "Desert Islands" is a prime example of the band laying down expert grooves and singer Ian Flowers delivering a performance rivaling the genre's best.

While the band performs exceptionally throughout the release, Flowers' lyrics are what puts the group head and shoulders above their peers. On "Digital Haze," Flowers offers his dizzied perspective on modern day technology dependence through poignant prose rather than indignant preaching. "Push the button and swipe on the screen/Moving pictures set the mind to ease."

Much of this self-titled release is filled with wiry, mangled mid-paced riffs and echoing bellows of apathy and anguish, however the final song, "Police Gun," takes a slightly different approach. The song is a plodding, pounding blast of criticism aimed at killer cops. Drummer Dennis Hinaris slams his toms repetitively, Rubio lets loose a frenzied, squealing solo, and Flowers slowly chants, painting a menacing portrait of an unrighteous murder.

Despite being home to several talented post-punk acts, Kansas City finally has a band that fits neatly in the niche carved out by modern labels like Sacred Bones and Deranged Records. Listeners young and old should unanimously be capable of agreeing that False Brother is one of the city's most astounding and promising new bands. Seeing that America is now post-Obama and post-truth, it only makes sense that the city's next great act is post-punk.

Stream "False Brother" below and buy it on Bandcamp.


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