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Premiere: Zarin Micheal - “Back Of The Benz” Stream

Following a brief change to the moniker of GM Foreign Boy, Zarin Micheal is back under his previous title with some brand new music. The Kansas City rapper recently cleared his SoundCloud page, starting from scratch by posting a handful of songs new and old. It’s part of a recent streak of spontaneity that he says is inspired by a lack of concrete plans and a search for what makes him happy.

His latest drop, “Back Of The Benz,” was recorded around this time last year before being stashed away deep in Micheal’s vault. Alexander Preston’s beat never really kicks in, but rather provides a series of brooding tones for Micheal to vent his frustrations over. His raps here weave in and out of several intersecting stories — girl problems, dead friends, worries about his mother. The only constant is Micheal’s pained and passionate lyricism.

Stream the new track below.

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