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Photo Gallery: Warm Bodies / Pineapple RnR at The Snake Tank

Olivia Gibb of Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies played their first show home from Europe last month, and while doing so, reaffirmed their spot in the hearts of punks on both sides of Missouri. The May 27 gig at their Snake Tank stomping grounds was organized in celebration of their self-titled LP released on Lumpy Records. The band's fiery energy and telepathic chemistry were at their usual off-the-charts levels and the basement was packed with friends and fans who danced as if they had spent years on tour rather than a month. And in the middle of this set, when folks thought things couldn't get any crazier, bassist Jordan Carr whipped his hair back and shattered the basement's lone, red light bulb just as the band transitioned from one blazing riff to the next. A few in the front row were caught off guard, but rest assured, Warm Bodies didn't miss a beat.

St. Louis pals Pineapple RnR drove cross-state for the occasion and brought with them a new 7-inch record of their own. Pineapple's sound could easily be likened to that of Kansas City's Natural Man Band due to their rhythmic nature and use of saxophone and other unconventional instrumentation -- a synth and a whistle were present on some songs -- but their focus on the downbeat rather than the up prevented them from sounding too similar.

Full photo gallery here.

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