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Premiere: Paris Williams - "Huffy" Music Video

Plucked from his new project, "Drop Dead Gorgeous," recent area transplant and Drop Dead XX collective member Paris Williams' "Huffy" employs whirring, post-Neptunes production as a background for raps about his creative ambitions and the trials of young adulthood. Directed by Williams and TheBabeGabe and edited by Jerry P., the song's video is a technicolor adventure of its own. Stick around until the end for a bonus clip featuring another project cut "Supercharged," too.

Below are a few words from Williams about his time in Kansas City so far:

"My name is Paris Williams. I’m a 21 year old rapper and producer from Muskegon, Michigan. The same birthplace of rock legend Iggy Pop of The Stooges. It’s a pretty small and desolate city right off the shores of Lake Michigan. I left home in hopes to eventually bring something back to the city. There’s a ton of unnourished talent and potential where I’m from that gets completely overlooked. As a visitor of Kansas City I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms and clear up any misconceptions about where I’m from. Kansas City has an undeniable amount of energy in it. It’s a growing city, but remains a hidden gem. I feel like there’s a real chance for it to be a dominating factor of new music in the next few years like the 2012 era of Chicago. I’ve met so many cool people here so far and I’m excited to ingrain myself in the scene and meet more. I’m happy to be here during such a special period."

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