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Acid Seven: Just Some News!

As always, I am surprised by the amount of full-fledged new releases that have cropped up since the last update. Unfortunately, I don't have any new bootleg recordings to offer alongside these, as my most recent recordings -- priceless performances from Jackson Graham and Alber -- are now lost. But I've spent the last few weeks around the Mother Russia nexus, and have heard a lot of exciting things that are in the works and/or newly released.

/wilt/ - Friday March 6th, 8pm at Vulpes Bastille

The first is an upcoming multi-medium dance piece taking place today (3/6) at the Vulpes Bastille. As with many things, Tim Harte tipped me off to this event after I saw him hunched over a Muse Score window. The composition he was working on was for this event: "Dance for Two." The main concern, he said, was in the expressiveness of the piece. Since it is accompanying dancers, it needs to tell a story.

After sitting in on a practice, I can say for certain that the story is clear. The attention to detail and collaboration between the musicians in creating the shared language of the music was enough to pique my interest. The narrative deals with masculinity, starting from a naive and adventurous childhood innocence to a culturally constituted uniformity -- the decay of male tenderness. I'm eager to see the full arc -- from naivete, to frustration, to feigned toughness -- playing out in the movements of the dancers.

The exhibition following the performance will consist of an installation accompanied by a film of the performance, as well as a printed magazine covering the main themes: masculinity, strength, intimacy, and sensitivity.

You'll see some familiar names in the personnel:
Producer: Charlie Weitkamp
Creative Director: Michaela Knittel
Choreographer: Katarina Fitzpatrick
Lighting Designer: Kylor Greene
Composer: Tim J Harte
-Clarinet: Lina Žemaiė
-Bassoon: Marcus Grimes
-Violin: Emily Boone
-Viola: Christina Leigh-Silvius
-Cello: Adee Dancy

Rosé Perez - Placenta Agenda (music video)

One of my favorite tracks from Rosé Perez's split EP now has a music video that matches the energy of their live performance. It is both a reflection of their work thus far and (hopefully) a signal that the collaborative energy needed to pull off these more elaborate productions is here to stay. The extensive set design, spanning multiple locations, is colorful and distinct. Its centerpiece, fittingly, is a hand-fabricated placenta -- made by cinematographer Emily Milner -- in the middle of a full dinner spread. The beginning features a hand-drawn animation from Ben Johnson. Nearly every aspect of its production -- from its Tim and Eric Awesome Show!-esque editing, to its graphical backgrounds, to the long list of actors -- relies on the distinct talents of friends and fellow artists. This is a unique feat.


There are some new releases I haven't gotten the chance to fully absorb yet, but that I want to plug here:

MX.MRS - Auswählen Liebe

Stem Cell Uterus - SCUxMRI

Bit-O-Honey x Diyana (available only on tape; contact @bo.ycake or @bit.0.honey on Instagram to acquire one)

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