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Premiere: Khrystal. - "Magic" Music Video


Wyandotte County rapper/singer/multi-multi-hyphenate Khrystal has teamed up with director Katheryne Johnson to create the video for her new Manor Records single "Magic" and this duo knows that sometimes less is more. The result of their collaboration is a 90-second flick that features Khrystal grooving in four different outfits in front of four colorful backdrops as she raps confidently about snatching her culture back from the undeserving.


The video is enjoyable no matter what lens you view it through, but seeing that Khrystal's messages of empowerment hold such import, it only makes sense that she chose to deliver them in such a succinct and colorful way that young Americans -- survivors of Vine, Instagram, and other attention span-sucking apparatuses -- will still click play. So click play (and then maybe read a book or go for a walk or something -- we're all a little worried about you).

Check out the video below and buy/stream the single here.


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