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Photo Gallery: DMX / 1Shot Dealz at The Granada

DMX. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.

Date: April 28, 2019

The Granada - Lawrence, Kansas

Legendary New York rapper DMX visited Lawrence for the final time in April 2019 on the 20th anniversary tour for his 1998 debut It's Dark And Hell Is Hot. As anyone with a pair of eyes and ears at this concert could observe, the real life horror stories X rapped on It's Dark and the releases that followed proved to be more than enduring. In addition to enthusiastic call-and-response participation on songs like "What's My Name," "Where The Hood At," and "Party Up," fans could be seen slamming on the barricade and echoing the rapper's signature dog barks. I spotted several people wearing custom Ruff Ryders leather vests and letter jackets. The show was no Woodstock '99 part two -- the average DMX fan is a bit too old at this point to spend a whole 50 minutes moshing, but they got as rowdy as they could manage. The tour provided a simple but effective amount of stage production too, shooting blood red lights across the room, blasting a smoke machine, and providing a small metal riser for DMX command his audience from.

Just as compelling as the grim hellscapes that DMX evoked in his performance were the heartfelt (and often humorous) moments he shared with his fans throughout the set. Near the top of the show, he proclaimed, "Performing for a room full of people that love you is better than fuckin' the baddest bitch." Later on, after a fan shouted that it was her birthday, X barked a happy birthday rapp for her before asking, "You got some birthday dick lined up?" Near the end of the show, he spoke candidly about his struggles in life and finding redemption in God. I hope he was able to feel that same kind of peace before he passed this week.

Supporting sets were provided by 1Shot Dealz -- a younger Harlem rapper with aggressive delivery reminiscent of the night's headliner -- and a Connecticut rapper whose name I could not confirm.

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