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Shuttlecock Presents: Dare in Kansas City

Dare. Photo by @johnjr.BSK.
Perhaps I’m a bit biased due to my frequent family trip to New York over the years and the strong output from labels like Triple B Records and Toxic State Records, but I almost always found modern East Coast hardcore to be superior. During the COVID era however, you could make a strong argument for West Coast hardcore supremacy. Releases from Gulch, Sunami, Dead Heat, Section H8, and Drain have been the talk of the scene. Another release among them is Dare’s debut LP, Against All Odds — perhaps one of the most solid straight edge albums in recent memory, released, funny enough, by New York’s iconic Revelation Records.

Catch Dare with Kansas City’s D.Y.E. at a last minute gig at The Vinyl Underground At 7th Heaven (7621 Troost Ave. KCMO) on November 2, 2021. All ages, $10 suggested (PWYC), music at 6 P.M., over by 8 P.M.


[Update - 11/1/2021: Dead Ends had to drop due to injury.]

Click here for the Facebook event.


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