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Premiere: Bigfatcat - "Parasocial"

Bigfatcat. Photo by Eva Schneider.

The cat is out of the bag (sorry): your favorite local pop duo is back with a new single. On "Parasocial," Bigfatcat (Rachel Cionitti and Olivia Markey) have penned a clever tune about forming emotional connections to on-screen characters in hopes of escaping an often crummier reality. In addition to composing a supremely catchy, jangly guitar song (think stripped-down pop-punk), Cionitti and Markey may have also worked in a film reference or two. We all kind of long for a Tom Baxter type at one point or another, right?

Some words from Cionitti on the song: "The song in general is meant to be about how fictional men -- and being in genuine love with them, despite their obvious unattainability -- are a sort of only refuge for women who sometimes are confronted with a world full of really sexist, really obnoxious men. It's not necessarily advocating for that unhealthy attachment either, but is commenting on it, and also making fun of it a little, too."

Listen to the track below.

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