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Words and Photos: Spread Joy / Sweeping Promises at Farewell

Spread Joy. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: May 14, 2022

Farewell - Kansas City, MO

I was driving back to Kansas City from the Turnstile show in Lawrence when I was informed that there were still two bands yet to play at Farewell. Being the freak that I am, I made my way down to Leeds to catch late evening sets from Spread Joy and Sweeping Promises. Chicago rockers Spread Joy took the stage somewhere around 11 P.M. to entertain a couple dozen fans that had stuck around. The band's motoric, new wave-adjacent take on punk was full of fun quirks, like one song where singer Briana Hernandez pretended to cry hysterically for the majority of its runtime. Nearly every song concluded with an enthusiastic thanking of the audience, followed by Hernandez jumping in the air and clicking her heels.

The evening was closed out with a midnight set from recent Massachusetts-to-Kansas transplants Sweeping Promises. The band's moody new wave punk sounded sharp (their 2020 Feel It Records LP, Hunger For A Way Out, is top notch), but they're yet to recruit a local to play synth, leaving a little bit to be desired.

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