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Live This Week: November 13 - 19, 2022

Locate your largest coat and get to the gig this week. Berlin DJ and Boiler Room alum Objekt is making his Kansas City debut at Encore this Wednesday. Thursday is jam-packed with gigs, including Kenyan-Ugandan industrial/grind/noise duo Duma at The Bottleneck, Virginia pop-punkers turned blissed-out indie rockers Turnover at Madrid Theatre, and Iowa hardcore band Dose at Farewell. If you're hankering for some hardcore on the weekend, too, don't miss our Saturday gig at Farewell with Cleveland's Slug.

Other shows worth catching this week include MSPaint, Carrie Underwood, Mavis Staples, Plains and MJ Lenderman, and Scout Gillett.

Find ticket links, show details, and more gigs below. See beyond this week on our full calendar here.


MSPaint w/ New Obsessions and Magic

November 13 @ Nightjar (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)


Carrie Underwood w/ Jimmie Allen

November 13 @ T-Mobile Center (KC)




Tip your bartender, idiot.



Till The Teeth w/ EMAS and Alber

November 15 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)



Objekt w/ Tito Fuego and Coughman

November 16 @ Encore (KC)




Turnover w/ Horse Jumper Of Love and Yumi Zouma

November 17 @ Madrid Theatre (KC)



Duma w/ Masma Dream World, Ebony Tusks, 2w33dy, and DJ Alphabeta

November 17 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)



Shuttlecock presents: Dose w/ Dead Ends and Sexhater

November 17 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)


Ed Schrader's Music Beat w/ Ezmerelda and Lone Stranger

November 17 @ miniBar (KC)



Dogbreth w/ Harper K, $un Rolf, and Indra

November 17 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

10pm - 21+


Internet Dating w/ Abandoncy, Nightosphere, and Flooding

November 17 @ The Toilet Bowl (Lawrence)


Hollowed w/ The Girlfriend Experience, Pile Of Dead Horses, and Davis/Knoll

November 17 @ Revolution Records (KC)

$10 - All Ages



Mavis Staples

November 18 @ Lied Center (Lawrence)



Scout Gillett w/ Bigfatcat and Exiter

November 18 @ Farewell (KC)



Druids w/ Drifter and Sarkatha

November 18 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

6pm - $5 - All Ages


Jackoffs w/ Big Fat Cow, Mellowphobia, and June Henry

November 18 @ White Schoolhouse (Lawrence)

6pm - $8 - All Ages


Brent Windler w/ Lazy Projector and Daniel Gum

November 18 @ The Brick (KC)

21+ - 8pm 


Yung Kush Blower & DJ Hyphae w/ Dalima Kapten, DJ Hexblade, Indiglow, and Raymond & Alccalh

November 18 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)




Shuttlecock presents: Slug w/ Littered With Arrows and Total Sham

November 19 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)


Plains w/ MJ Lenderman

November 19 @ Knuckleheads (KC)



Counterparts w/ SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Foreign Hands

November 19 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)



Him Hun w/ Killus

November 19 @ Charlotte Street (KC)



Anita Velveeta w/ Weaponize Chomsky, Lilith Leyva, and Cornfed Bae

November 19 @ The Toilet Bowl (Lawrence) 

XV w/ Sir Adams, Nick Gibbs, Fly Cam, Trey Jone$, Underrated Society, and Micah Xavier Jones

November 19 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

21+ - $3 - 10pm

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