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Live This Week: June 18 - 24, 2023

Sentenced 2 Die. Photo by Kinkade Ruppert.
Third time's a charm. Sentenced 2 Die has headlined two Kansas City shows so far, the most recent coming just days after their signing to premier death metal label Maggot Stomp. Now, after gaining a bit of momentum, the gang is coming back to town this Saturday for a gig at Howdy with Blood Tithe (Massachusetts), Iced Wrist (Nebraska), and Life Gets Taken.


Other shows worth catching this week include Fall Out Boy/Alkaline Trio, Keep, Via Luna, Nü Godd, Cal Fish, Porcelain, Greet Death, Dwight Yoakam, and the Britt Adair memorial show.

Find ticket links, show details, and more gigs below. See beyond this week on our full calendar here.


Britt Adair Memorial Show (ft. The Bad Ideas & Friends, Nature Boys + more)

June 18 @ recordBar (KC)

18+ - 6pm - PWYC (donations benefiting Midwest Music Foundation's Musicians Health Care Fund)

Nü Godd w/ Fusion Babies, Les Izmore & The GOATs, and Genre

June 18 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)


Kottonmouth Kings w/ Styles & Bust The Drummer and Stoney-Doom

June 18 @ Lemonad(e) Park (KC) 




Cal Fish w/ Leather Projection and 2w33dy

June 19 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)



Child Of Night w/ Moon 17 and Static Phantoms

June 20 @ miniBar (KC)




Devin Gray w/ Maria Elena Silva and EMAS

June 21 @ Firehouse Gallery #8 (KC)



Santa Fe Klan w/ Snow Tha Product and Tornillo

June 21 @ The Midland Theatre (KC)



Madisen Ward

June 21 @ Crossroads Hotel (KC)




Porcelain w/ Yes Ma'am, Flooding, Abandoncy, and Missouri Executive Order 44

June 22 @ Farewell (KC)

$10 (PWYC) - 8pm

Dwight Yoakam w/ Aaron Lewis

June 22 @ Azura Amphitheater (Bonner Springs)



BW3 w/ Maria Elena Silva and EMAS

June 22 @ Howdy (KC)

$10 (PWYC) - 8pm 


Bryson Tiller w/ DJ Nitrane

June 22 @ The Midland Theatre (KC)



Ross Brown

June 22 @ Blip Roasters (KC)

7pm - $5-10 - All Ages



Keep w/ Virga and Puddle Noir

June 23 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

10pm - $3 - 21+


Via Luna w/ Temp Tats and Internet Dating

June 23 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)

Endless Nameless w/ Antibroth, Jackoffs, and Sewing Circle

June 23 @ The Toilet Bowl (Lawrence)

8pm - $5-10 (PWYC)


BW3 w/ Gong Water

June 23 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

6pm - $5 - All Ages



Fall Out Boy w/ Alkaline Trio, Royal & The Serpent, and Daisy Grenade

June 24 @ Azura Amphitheater (Bonner Springs)



Shuttlecock presents: Sentenced 2 Die w/ Blood Tithe, Iced Wrist, and Life Gets Taken

June 24 @ Howdy (KC)

$15 (PWYC) - Music at 8pm 

Greet Death w/ Problems, Rosé Perez, and DFITD

June 24 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10-15 (PWYC)


The Moss w/ Junkyard Royalty and Bigfatcat

June 24 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)


Zipper w/ Foil and Ozersk

June 24 @ Penn Valley Skate Park (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)

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