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Alexander Preston - "Rogue" Stream

Alexander Preston at a Gee Watts listening party
Alexander Preston keeps a fairly low profile, however he is one of the key members of Kansas City's rising hip-hop scene. The young producer has made tracks for Kansas City rappers to use, like Zarin Micheal's single "Best Friend." Last year he also released his debut instrumental-only EP titled "Magic" that made our best 2015 local EP's list. Today Preston has released his sophomore EP, "Rogue."

Preston's beats on "Rogue" are grimy, verging on industrial in some spots. Clear parallels can be drawn between Preston's work and the work of Houston superstar Travis Scott through their shared use of rumbling synthesizers and trap-style drums and hi-hats. Even with all of this booming and rattling going on,  Preston still makes room for pretty, cloud rap moments featuring soft female vocal samples and light keyboard play like on the track "Surrender." Whether he reaches notability through songs loaned out to rappers or through his own releases, Preston is undoubtedly one of the strongest young hip-hop talents in Kansas City and an artist to watch out for this year.

Stream his EP "Rogue" below.

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