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Kye Colors - "00" Stream

Photo by DJ Tezz
Would you believe me if I told you that one of the best Kansas City hip-hop tapes this year will be dropped by a 15 year-old? Well it's true and rapper and producer Kye Colors is going to show you why. On his debut release, "00," Colors out-raps and out-produces everyone in his age range and many beyond it.

"00" covers many musical bases and emotions in its short run time. From the swelling, ambitious mood of "Ready" to the playful Drake-channeling, relationship-gone-wrong tale of "Play Me," Colors knows what hip-hop fans want, but never goes out of his way to bite anyone's style. On the final full track "Super" Colors raps about those who have doubted him, seeing fellow Kansas Citian Rory Fresco blow up online, and recording this tape in his mother's basement; all over a cheery doo-wop beat. And even though he hasn't blown up or even played a show yet (unless you count a school talent show), it sure sounds like a victory anthem.

Stream "00" below and follow Kye Colors on Twitter

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