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Killakee Kat/Kolumbine Kids/Gene EP Streams

Back in January The Drippies gave us the first recorded taste of Kansas City's new wave of punk and hardcore bands on their 70's-style punk demo. Since then, members of The Drippies have been hard at work recording their other projects and three more releases have been posted in the past few weeks. Heres a quick roundup of them.

Kolumbine Kids - "Demo"

Despite their snotty, angsty-sounding band name, Kolumbine Kids are making rock songs in a style that Kansas Citians haven't heard done justice in years. The group plays a hopped-up take on Midwest punk that includes heavy influences from early garage and surf bands. When playing live vocalist Austin Fetterolf will shake uncontrollably, strut like there is no tomorrow, and let loose his spastic whooping and hollering vocals while the band behind him, in sharp contrast, keeps the rhythm very tight. Some songs conjure comparisons to The Sonics, others The Cramps.

Killakee Kat - "Demo"

Killakee Kat began as a project solo recording project while guitarist and vocalist Bennett Weaver was away at boarding school. He would record all of the instruments himself. The Killakee Kat name was given to any of the louder punk songs he was writing at the time (he also was writing lots of other styles of music). Since his return home Weaver has recruited two of his friends Jack Marsh (bass) and Joe Audley (drums) to write songs together for the band. The result is a more focused, vicious-sounding band, channeling bits and pieces of lots of mid-'80's hardcore punk bands like Necros and Die Kreuzen.

Gene - "S/T Cassingle"

Now that Killakee Kat is no longer a solo project Bennett needs something to do when he's not playing with that band, The Drippies, Kolumbine Kids, or the other bands he's starting! The two songs that make up the Gene cassingle are short, snappy punk songs that stop and start on a dime with some of the catchiest guitar riffs imaginable as bridges. Beware: lots of treble. And if it sounds like what's coming out of Indiana at the time (ex. The Coneheads, C.C.T.V., etc.) it's because that's what's playing on the stereo at their house non-stop. I can't see how anyone in their right mind would hold that against them though.


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