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Premiere: Aaron Alexander - "Storm"

Aaron Alexander has been cooking. The Kansas City, Kansas rapper has been in the huddle with his team for the entirety of 2016 working on a sophomore release. Earlier this year he dropped an updated version of his 2014 mixtape "Radiant Child" in the form of "rAdiAnt redone." After a long year that began at the first Shuttlecock showcase and also included a feature in the Kansas City Star, Alexander is preparing to take his Ignant Art to new levels in 2017 with the release of "Memento Mori."

The first single off "Memento Mori" is "Storm." Listeners familiar with Alexander's previous work may be taken aback upon first hearing the song. Producer B-Will has traded in the smooth jazz samples for souped-up bass lines and thunderous claps. The soulfulness of "Radiant Child" isn't absent, however, it's just been reworked a bit. A particular rattling sound from the abrasive background of Alexander's verses carries over into the chorus, handled by R&B singers Jay Melody and Mae C, but a bright piano line joins in while the rest of the beat rests. In his rhymes, Alexander plots his dominance and tosses out clever references to the genre's greats ("Can't stop, won't stop / I got the game on lock / In the city I be stuntin' like Biggie / And in the booth I get brash like Pac"). Before the song is over, it should be clear that Alexander is one of the area's most dynamic artists and that the storm he's about to unleash will be difficult to rein in.

Listen to "Storm" below.

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