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Iddy Vice - "Christflow" Stream

Iddy Vice is a problem. The young and highly capable Kansas City rapper released a small handful of impressive singles over the course of 2016, but without much warning, just dropped his EP in its final days. "Christflow" is six songs long and not one is worth skipping.

Vice wore his grime influences on his sleeve on previous singles like "Brixton Ave" and he continues to do so on "Christflow," but not in a fashion that's quite as glaring. The EP's first song, "Run It," is where this influence is most visible. Vice spits rapid-fire bars about midnight capers over a variety of grim horns before hushing his delivery as police sirens begin to sound.

The nocturnal escapades only continue throughout the rest of the EP. Vice showcases several different flows and intonations on "Hell Of A Time." At times he sounds like a grime emcee ripping a verse to bits, other times he emulates the raspy, growled hooks of Americans like ScHoolboy Q. The sleek, hazy production style of "Never Gets Old" creates an atmosphere where the night fog mixes with clouds of weed smoke before Vice slices through it all with a verse about his plot to emerge as a winner. "You gotta choose / You either with me or you on the side that'll lose."

The final track of "Christflow" begins with the squeal of a Kill Bill siren. If Vice strayed from his grime roots at all on the previous four tracks, he is back on his proverbial bullshit on "I Got It." The song flaunts countless quotable lines along with an earworm of a hook and does a remarkable job of bringing the EP full circle.

It's not outrageous that Iddy Vice was overlooked after only a few songs, but with an EP of this caliber in his catalog, his voice is growing hard to ignore.

Stream "Christflow" below and follow Iddy Vice on Twitter.

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