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Hometown Highlights: Flatwoods Monster, The Uncouth, Squibs + more

The best new songs in Kansas City are on Hometown Highlights. This week we have some choice new oi! punk, bedroom pop, hip-hop, and instrumental work. There are artists we've featured before and new ones. Stop reading this introduction and start listening.

Flatwoods Monster - "Killer"
Flatwoods Monster is the most recent recording project of Bennett Weaver. The multi-talented songwriter behind some of Kansas City's favorite punk bands has been writing some material that's a bit more sensitive. "Killer" is the final song of an EP of the same name. The track is a stirring bedroom pop tribute to a fallen friend. It's unclear if these songs will be played live at any point, but this hazy and touching sonic eulogy has hopefully been heard by the ones it's most important to.

Dettsa - "Go Crazy"
"Go Crazy" may be Dettsa's most danceable song yet, but don't think for a second that he doesn't have anything to say on it. While he spends much of the song rapping about growing up hard, getting women, and dodging cops, on the last verse Dettsa zooms out and puts things in perspective. He speaks on growing up, seeing a black president, and having a child of his own. "Go Crazy" may sound like a call to party at first, but by the end of the song it's clear that to Dettsa it's a call to work hard and achieve goals.

Samurai - "Runnin' Man"
Did you want to hear Samurai rap over the Toy Story theme? You definitely did. The rapper is still energized and oozing charisma on his latest single. Samurai is hoping to be "rocking shows and stealing hoes" on his way to fame once he touches down in Atlanta next month, but his Kansas City fans have one more shot to see him this Friday at Mills Record Company. Don't be a square.

Squibs - "Flux" (ft. Domineko & Dev3n)
Producer and Intelligent Sound associate Squibs has created music with rappers before, but nothing that has sounded this dynamic and complete. The rumbling bass lines, harpsichord and organ-style keys, and delightful horn riffing may sound like an odd mix, but never once does it clash. Domineko raps with his usual urgency and delivers a shout-along hook that also serves as a makeshift roll call for his detractors. Picture him as a rival gang member hot on the tail of the Warriors -- except instead of a school bus he'll probably be driving the Batmobile. Kansas City veteran Dev3n also joins in on the fun. "Flux" is a banger of cinematic proportions.

The Uncouth - "Madness On The Streets"
Long-running Kansas City oi! punk band The Uncouth have finally dropped their first full EP via 12" vinyl on Teenage Heart Records. Its opening track, "Madness On The Streets," is the shortest and simultaneously the most furious song on the release. The streets are on fire, the cops are on the run, and The Uncouth are there to fight it out.

Iddy Vice - "You Know Me"
Many Kansas City rappers draw their influence from a main source or two and mix it with their own flare. Iddy Vice seems to pick up as many different stylings as he can handle, mix them into a punch bowl, spike it, and pour out some thoroughly intoxicating tracks. "You Know Me" features Vice retaining his grime-influenced flows that we heard on "Brixton Ave.," but also tossing in some rugged flavor from the American coasts. Think of this song as a solid mix of Skepta, Joey Bada$$, and ScHoolboy Q. "You know me/I stay quiet, hustle lowkey" is one of the best Kansas City hooks of the year and the verses on this song aren't letdowns either.

West Peaks - "Jazzman"
Kansas City producer West Peaks is preparing the release of a full length titled "Nardis." "Jazzman" is a smooth and breezy instrumental track that was made to flip on while driving with the windows down and the sun setting on a summer night.

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