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Photo Gallery: C.C.T.V./Bugg/Vats/Warm Bodies at The Snake Tank

Monday night was the most crowded show The Snake Tank has seen yet. Dozens of rockers piled into the cramped basement leaving several stuck outside. Chicago area punkers C.C.T.V. have reached a level of Midwest punk infamy due to their outrageously snappy late '70's punk sounds and ties to other groups like The Coneheads and Big Zit. It was impossible to move without bumping into the rock fan next to you throughout their set, so until the rare DIY gig encore that took place, the punks were forced to wiggle in place and just shout along. Bloomington, Indiana quartet Bugg are on the road with C.C.T.V. Their songs were an often upbeat mashup of lo-fi garage rock, grunge, and punk that had everyone smiling and bobbing their heads. While it didn't pull a huge response, Bugg's cover of The Breeders' "Divine Hammer" was stellar. Seattle post-punks Vats played a quick set of off-kilter post-punk gloom that surely satisfied every Joy Division fan in attendance. Kansas City's Warm Bodies mixed up their setlist a bit, but were still just as on fire as always.

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