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Photo Gallery: The Melvins/Helms Alee at The Bottleneck

Buzz Osborne of The Melvins. Photo by Libby Zanders.
The mighty Melvins returned to Lawrence to split The Bottleneck wide open on a Tuesday night. Guitarist/vocalist Buzz Osborne and pioneering drummer Dale Crover have been making music together for well over twenty years and it was clear from their fluid connection. The trio was rounded out by Steven Shane McDonald of LA punk legends Redd Kross and OFF! on bass. The group ripped right through a varied set bookended by Melvins classics. Their characteristic heavy brick wall of rich sound was lightened with lots of antics and goofy cover songs including "Deuce" by KISS and "Halo Of Flies" by Alice Cooper. It was a relatively short set from a band with such a huge catalog, but The Melvins lit it up regardless. Doomy and hypnotic Seattle-based Helms Alee opened the show.

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