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Unleashed In The Midwest: January 2017

Breathe. You made it. The new year is for new beginnings. Let's improve upon 2016 in every way imaginable, starting by going to way more shows than ever before. January already looks pretty stacked in terms of quality shows of all genres, so there's a little something for everyone. Let's just hope the snow holds off for a little while longer.

January 12th - Entombed A.D. with Full of Hell, Turbid North, Troglodyte @ The Riot Room

Entombed A.D. is one of those bands that have two versions of the same thing going at once. This incarnation of the legendary Swedish death metal outfit is fronted by OG Entombed vocalist L-G Petrov and features some of the newer Entombed members on the instruments. Although it's worth noting that Entombed A.D. has put out two albums of admittedly pretty solid death metal in the past couple of years, the reason to go to this show is to hear classics like "Left Hand Path," "Living Dead," and especially "Wolverine Blues." From Converge and Black Breath to countless hardcore bands -- a lot of groups owe their existence and their sound to this group. Full of Hell, a.k.a. the most intense live band in the world, opens along with Turbid North and KC faves Troglodyte.

January 21st - Altered Beast with Young Bull, Canyons @ Replay Lounge

Holy cow. If you needed more proof that the KC/Lawrence heavy music scene is really one of the best in the country, you don't need to look any further. After being around for only a few years, Altered Beast has already made an immense name for themselves in the hardcore scene and have opened for bands like Napalm Death and Madball. They're heavy as hell and guaranteed to give you some bruises. Lawrence's best band of all time Young Bull opens alongside old school hxc dudes Canyons. And it's cheap! Don't miss it.

January 26th - Inquisition with Truckfighters, King's Destroy, Verrater, Young Bull @ The Riot Room

A stacked show gets a surprise addition that makes it probably one of the year's best -- and it's only January! What started out as a legit stoner show with Swedish fuzz rockers Truckfighters and King's Destroy only was made impossible to miss with the addition of legendary two-piece occult black metallers Inquisition. It's two great tastes that taste great together! Verrater and Young Bull bring more black and stoner respectively. For fans of Bathory, Kyuss, Immortal, Fu Manchu, and everything in between.

January 29th - Alcest with The Body, Creepers, Existem @ The Riot Room

Here we go. The big one. Possibly one of the most important metal bands of the past decade, the influence French post-black metal group Alcest have had on their subgenre is almost incalculable. Any fan of Deafheaven, Agalloch, Jesu, or the like owes it to watch Neige and company at The Riot Room. It will be unforgettable. Before Alcest amazes everyone with their soothing etherealness, The Body will smash everyone into nonexistence, so that'll be interesting. Deafheaven members make up Creepers and local prog boys Existem open. This is the show of January.

Jackson May is Kansas City (Kansas side, unfortunately) native that eats, lives, breathes and will eventually die by metal. After attending as many shows as possible for over a decade now, it's time for him to put pen to paper and blab about all things heavy music to anyone that will listen. Find him at any number of small heavy metal shows each month, or maybe at a few pop punk or hip-hop concerts.

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