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Premiere: Zarin Micheal - "New Years Evolution" Mix

Zarin Micheal had a year full of landmark moments in 2016. The 18 year-old Kansas City rapper released "Fuck You" -- a beast of a five song EP, opened for national acts like Montana of 300 and Lil Uzi Vert, and enrolled at the University of Kansas. Micheal is currently at work on his debut full-length project "Sinner Of Attention," but wanted to give fans a taste of some of his material that won't be making the cut.

Three things are made clear by the release of the "New Years Evolution" mix. Micheal has one of the strongest work ethics in Kansas City hip-hop, he has plenty to rap about despite his age, and he is more versatile than most may think. He has deleted several tracks that he released online last year, but the total amount of material equated to roughly 45 minutes. With the addition of these 22 minutes of clips and snippets, it's apparent that Micheal recorded at least an hour's worth of material in 2016.

Songs on the mix show Micheal delving into several different sounds, two of which listeners haven't yet heard from Micheal. "Island" and "U Know" are tasteful ventures into Caribbean-influenced R&B music. Despite the clip being 16 seconds, "Jugg" is Micheal flaunting his ability to rap over a trap beat with one of his "many, many flows." The rest of the mix is Zarin Micheal being Zarin Micheal. Loyal fans are treated to more of the show-off verses and aggressive sex jam boasts that they've come to expect.

They aren't full tracks, but "U Don't Know" and "The Ride" offer freestyle clips and a cappella bites that only further cement Micheal's appeal to hip-hop purists. He can write for the radio and the old heads. It's now more obvious than ever, 2017 has big things in store for Zarin Micheal.

Listen to the "New Years Evolution" mix below and catch Zarin Micheal at Shuttlecock's next free showcase on February 18 at Mills Record Company.

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