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Photo Gallery: Girlpool / Palm / Dreamgirl at White Schoolhouse

Harmony Tividad of Girlpool. Photo by Macey Norvell.
Girlpool provided the soundtrack to a perfect autumn night for the tightly packed crowd at the back porch of the White Schoolhouse on October 19. The band utilized delicate harmonies as well as shouting and noisy guitars to create a charming soft-loud dynamic. Slow bass line intros gave their songs a melancholy sound that fit the mood of the first chilly day of fall. By the end of the set, the band was fully warmed up and having fun dancing on stage and cracking jokes to the crowd. Fans were swaying to the music near the stage and drinking apple cider by the bonfire in the school house's backyard.

Opening acts Dreamgirl and Palm both brought a happier style of pop rock to get things started.

Full photo gallery here.

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