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Premiere: Pale Tongue - “The Stone” Music Video

Pale Tongue has spent the last year becoming an anchor of Lawrence’s rock scene — a beloved band that takes the stage at the Replay more frequently than some bands play out total. Coinciding with the recent release of the band’s debut self-titled EP — out now on Manor Records — is a homemade music video for “The Stone.” Guitarist/vocalist Carlos Calderon helmed the video’s production, editing with the same analog gear he uses to create his Fuzzy Optics video art. (Some Lawrencians may have caught their first glimpses of Fuzzy Optics through Calderon’s on-stage projections at last month’s Guerilla Toss show.)

The punchy, psychedelic nature of “The Stone” is quickly matched with an equally fun and adventurous series of home video clips. Band members play the song through a noisy and colorful deluge of video effects, spliced back-to-back with vintage movie clips. The result is a bite-sized piece of eye candy that may leave fans reaching for more.

Watch the video below and check out Pale Tongue’s EP here.

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