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Watch: Ingrid Ingram - "The Ballad Of Pia Farrenkopf" at Kum-N-Go

Kansas City singer-songwriter Ingrid Ingram kept busy this summer, playing about a half-dozen DIY shows scattered throughout midtown. Ingram has kept a low profile since then -- perhaps she's working on a follow-up to her "Inside Outside" EP released back in January 2017 -- but we've got a clip from her June outing at Kum-N-Go in support of Drama Moth. It's a tune inspired by Pia Farrenkopf, a Michigan woman who died and sat undiscovered in her own garage for five years until her bank account was empty and the house was foreclosed. Within this catchy powerpop tune, Ingram ponders the mundane and lonely existences that many humans endure and the all too real possibility of your corpse decaying in a Jeep for half a decade.

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