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Photo Gallery: Drama Moth / Tazer Tot / Ingrid Ingram / Rachel Cion at Kum-N-Go

Michael Brandt of Drama Moth
Chicago trio Drama Moth made Kansas City the second stop on its first ever tour on June 13. The group's bubbly dance-pop bounced off the basement walls and wiggled its way into the ears of the small crowd they had amassed. Most in attendance chose only to look on for most of the set, but a surprise cover of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" got some in the mood to get moving.

Taylor Mitchell -- known as Tazer Tot when gripping an acoustic -- closed out the night with a perfectly imperfect set of Bowie-esque anthems about feeling -- quite literally -- alien and reckoning with conflicts both interpersonal and internal. Mitchell bumped into her guitar mic or flubbed a chord or two on each song she performed, but the honesty of the raw emotions she was harvesting and the gorgeous simplicity of the songs she had written allowed for such errors to be overlooked without a second thought.

Ingrid Ingram performed a set similar to her Kum-N-Go outing the week previous, although this time to a different set of faces. This one was just as pleasant, too.

The show was opened by the debut performance of Olathe singer-songwriter Rachel Cion. Accompanied by friend and frequent collaborator Alex Manriquez, Cion's tender, yet powerful vocals and intuitive pop songwriting allowed for her to shine bright beyond her years. Cion's comfort level performing in front of a strange audience was a feat of its own.

Full photo gallery here.

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