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Photo Gallery: Gen Pop / Erik Nervous / Bit-O-Honey at Kum-N-Go

Gen Pop
Two summer punk rock tours collided in Kansas City on June 5 when Olympia's Gen Pop and Kalamazoo's Erik Nervous rolled into town for a criminally underattended show. In part due to an issue with the show's initial promoter, as well as a another gig happening down the street, most Kansas Citians missed a stunning set from Gen Pop. The quartet's tightly wound punk rhythms and challenging, interwoven post-punk grooves mesmerized rockers to the point where their rapid head-nodding and foot-tapping were involuntary.

Erik Nervous is a prolific home recording artist and noted Devo lover. While his catchy songs full of garage punk quirk weren't fully botched at this show, the performance offered by Nervous and his band lacked the jittery anxiety that is conveyed so well and etched deeply into each aspect of his recorded output.

Dakota Shipp -- a.k.a. Bit-O-Honey -- kicked off the show by constructing a series of surprisingly danceable electronic tracks as he hopped around the basement screaming and pausing to punch out keyboard melodies and clattering electronic drum beats.

Full photo gallery here.

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