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Photo Gallery: Scrunchies / Ingrid Ingram / Dog Gamm!t / Prüde at Kum-N-Go

Minneapolis punk outfit and Kitten Forever sister group Scrunchies blasted through its debut LP at a June 3 show in Kansas City. Featuring smart and speedy guitar play, shouted vocals, and an unapologetic level of riot grrrl influence, the band's set retained its impressive, punchy vigor for the entire 25 minutes.

Local singer-songwriter Ingrid Ingram played an intriguing supporting set, introducing her eclectic solo stylings to a room of mostly unfamiliar punk fans. Crowd interaction doesn't always go over smoothly at such basement shows, but Ingram was able to solicit some whistling on one wistful bird-centric composition.

Dog Gamm!t closed the night out in the messiest way they could muster. Before the gear malfunctions that followed, vocalist Kimberly Igla conducted a premeditated Sprite Zero and Mentos experiment in their mouth mid-song, spraying friends and on-lookers who dared to stand close enough. Despite several years of combined experience and multiple outings as a group, however, the band's performances have remained novice in nature and often uncomfortable to view.

Prüde provided the night its dose of hardcore punk energy. As mean as some of its songs sound, its members looked like they were having more fun than any other musicians playing anywhere in town that night.

Full photo gallery here.

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