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Babymetal Concert Review

May 8th, 2018
Uptown Theater - Kansas City, MO

Metalheads turned J-pop fans -- and vice versa -- packed the Uptown Theater on May 8 to witness Babymetal's first visit to Kansas City and the first date of the band's North American tour. The idol group known for its thunderous and theatrical genre smashing thrilled a nearly sold-out crowd with an hour of intensely choreographed pop music infused with several varieties of metal.

Being the tour's first stop and getting the first look at its production allowed for excited murmurs among fans before the show's start. These excited murmurs did, however, turn confused soon after the first song's conclusion and Yuimetal -- one of the group's three vocalists -- had not appeared on stage. Despite Yui's absence -- explained online after the show as a "change in narrative" -- a majority of the group's still-rabid fanbase took every opportunity bestowed upon them to rock out.

Between performances of popular hell-raisers like "Gimme Chocolate!!" and "Doki Doki Morning," Babymetal worked in gorgeous bits of balladry, making the show far more dynamic than a casual fan could've imagined. An unreleased Su-Metal solo effort from early on in the show could easily make its way into active rock radio rotations with the right push. As the band closed things out with the arena metal sing-along "The One," it was abundantly clear that fans had just witnessed a spectacle unlike anything within the confines of America's pop landscape.

Indian prog metal outfit Skyharbor provided a supporting set that was ambitious in nature, utilizing vocals both clean and rapped, but fell flat in comparison to the night's headliner.

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