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Shuttlecock Podcast: Lance Rutledge

Lance Rutledge has quickly become one of Kansas City's most prolific DIY musicians. After growing up in Nicaragua, Rutledge moved to the area in his late teens and began cranking out various punk, metal, and emo recording projects. We talked about several of those bands and projects including OK O'Clock, Tremenda Venganza, Garden Club, Big Cola, and more, as well as his complicated relationship with religion, his engineering skills, and his other travels.

OK O'Clock's new album, "Parental Guidance," is available now on Bandcamp. Tremenda Venganza plays its first show this week and will be playing our June 22 show at Sister Anne's with Creeping Death, Fuming Mouth, and Hammerhedd.

The Shuttlecock Podcast is sponsored by The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven, located at 76th & Troost in Kansas City. Visit for more info.

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