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Shuttlecock Podcast: Patrick Sanders

Patrick Sanders is a writer and musician based in Kansas City, Missouri. Sanders is part of the 8th Street Publishing Guild, a local press focused on avant-garde and surrealist poetry that hosts monthly reading nights at Revolution Records. Over the last few months, Sanders has been writing a column for Shuttlecock called Acid Seven, exploring in depth Kansas City's experimental music scene. He also recently released an album called "Golly!" through Mother Russia Industries under the name Pinkish Sundress. We talked about all of these things, his first interest in poetry and music, all sorts of dumb internet stuff, and more on this episode.

Acid Seven is published on the seventh day of each month on Visit the Revolution Records Facebook page to find 8th Street Publishing Guild events. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @PinkoSandy.

The Shuttlecock Podcast is sponsored by The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven, located at 76th & Troost in Kansas City. Visit for more info.

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