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Photo Gallery: Sissy Spacek / Vacuum / Ruined Orgasm / Killus / The Lake at Kum-N-Go

John Wiese of Sissy Spacek at Kum-N-Go. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Since there may very well not be a single grindcore band in Kansas City right now (that isn't a one-human Bandcamp recording project that doesn't play shows), it's always intriguing when one comes to town. Veteran grind duo Sissy Spacek visited late last August to perform a brief set to a small, but curious house show crowd. There wasn't time to clap between the band's short blasts, so a group of four fans showed their admiration by rolling around to each song, slowly and awkwardly wrestling on the dingy basement concrete.

Chicago band Vacuum also played a set of simple, downbeat post-punk tunes with solid grooves and pleasantly unsettling vocal harmonies. Killus provided an exceptional set of of dark and pounding dance rhythms, Ruined Orgasm played what was possibly the best set of its less-than-a-year-long existence (vocalist 2007 quite literally dominated the crowd in the name of anti-colonial revenge), and The Lake kicked the evening off with intriguing industrial compositions that featured vocals in the style of kidnapper phone call.

Full photo gallery here.

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