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Shun Ann - "Forever"

Shun Ann. Video directed by Benicio Baeza.
Sometimes less is more. Other times, more is more. But on Shun Ann's new track, "Forever," less is definitely more. On his first track since his Welcome To Annsland EP last year (which made our best of 2020 list), Ann spends two minutes floating over a delicate guitar and bass track. Drums are basically nowhere to be found, aside from a kick and snap combo that lasts only for 30 seconds. The spaciousness of the production allows for Ann's raps -- one layer clean, one auto-tuned -- to become the sole focus as he outlines a few of his struggles and ambitions heading into the new year. "Forever" is solemn, nocturnal, and one of the best local hip-hop songs of 2021 so far.

Hear the song and watch the video below.

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