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D.Y.E. - D.Y.E.

Austin Fetterolf in Kolumbine Kids at The Blind Tiger, 2016. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
The first moments of the debut recording from D.Y.E. feature a sample of what sounds like someone opening the door to a bar, smashing a bottle, and immediately starting a fight. If the Kansas City hardcore punk act can play such an establishment in the near future, it's not unreasonable to believe such a violent incident might occur. The band includes Lance Rutledge (Tremenda Venganza, OK O'Clock), Austin Fetterolf (Kolumbine Kids), and two scene newcomers credited as Tim and Dan. Together, the group has churned out four songs of straightforward American hardcore frustration. The playing is solid, the songs are sturdy (equal parts mosh and speed), and Fetterolf's vocals capture the type of sneering aggression that Midwestern punks lose their minds for. Dirtbag Distro might be on a hot streak.

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