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Watch: Flooding - "I Want To Go There With You" / "Insure Me, Procure Me" at 22/32

Flooding played its second ever Kansas City show on Monday night, sandwiched between the much noisier Foil and Hotline TNT. Aside from later in the set when bassist Cole Billings ended a song with some off-mic screaming, it was perhaps the most serene set I've encountered in a basement. Blended so seamlessly that I didn't realize they were two songs instead of one, I caught video of "I Want To Go There With You" and "Insure Me, Procure Me," both from the band's self-titled album released online and on CD earlier this year (with a cassette release coming via Manor Records early in 2022).

Watch the video below and subscribe to Shuttlecock's YouTube channel for more concert footage, podcasts, and other videos.


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