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Rory Fresco - "Covenant"

Rory Fresco. Video directed by Josh Flores.
Rory Fresco and CashMoneyAP share a synergy greater than that of most rappers-producer duos in American pop-rap. This was first made clear on their 2020 collaborative album Rare Form, which I believe stands as Rory's strongest project thus far. Now, as Rory preps a new release, the two have teamed up again for a single called "Covenant." Rory's understated delivery is juxtaposed by his simple yet bold and effective flexes ("We heard that shit that you dropped and it wasn't it / N****s gon' hate, but these bitches be lovin' it) and the melodies incorporated make these flexes feel akin to schoolyard taunting (the most hurtful kind of taunting there is).

Watch the music video below.

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