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Premiere: Far Down - "Fade" Music Video

Far Down. Video directed by Fork.

Most Kansas Citians who know Lance Rutledge are likely familiar with at least a couple of the myriad punk, emo, or alt-rock bands he's played in (OK O'Clock, Tremenda Venganza, D.Y.E., and so on). Maybe you even know him as the man behind the 4-track recorder on tapes from Prüde, Piss Kinks, and Sarin Reaper. Aside from the release days of his first two EPs as Far Down, he hasn't made much noise about the solo hyperpop endeavor of his. Today, Rutledge is back with his best track yet, "Fade," and a music video to go with it.

Rutledge's vocal delivery on this track is fairly understated, not too far from how he sounds on some OK O'Clock songs. Rather than a wall of downtempo rock guitar, however, those vocals reverberate over a rugged, yet upbeat self-produced instrumental, rife with bright synths and clattering electronic drums. For the video, Rutledge guides director Fork through the woods with a case of beer as his ghostly image glitches onto and off the screen.

Watch the music video below.


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