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Kye Colors - "Phil Collins"

Kye Colors. Photo by @HeavyZay.
I wonder if Patrick Bateman would deem the latest Kye Colors song worthy of a monologue delivered to one of his unwitting victims. The Kansas City rapper-producer's latest single, set to to appear on his upcoming project titled Chroma, features a palette of tones that no other artist in the metro has achieved. This instrumental is perhaps more pristine and refined than any past work of his. "Kansas City State Of Mind" from 2020's With Love. By Faith. achieved a sort of retro space age vibe, but "Phil Collins" cranks it up another notch, sounding like something straight out of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (it seems that Kye noticed this too -- he claims to be "flyer than a saucer" in the song's lyrics). For Kye fans, it's another win. For middle-aged Genesis fans asking Alexa to play Phil Collins music, maybe Kye has a whole new audience.

Listen to the song below and hear it on our Hometown Highlights playlist.

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