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Izzy x J-Tone x WontoN - "[explicit content]" Stream

Izzy and J-Tone at The Bottleneck
It looks like in 2016, more than ever in recent times, Kansas City's hip-hop scene is working hard to rise to mainstream relevance. With artists like Rory Fresco, Zarin Micheal, Gee Watts, and Kye Colors on the cusp of big success, a new trio is jumping into the fray. Izzy, J-Tone, and WontoN (19, 18, and 21 years old respectively) linked up in 2015 and are quickly cementing themselves as Kansas City's most deadly rap trio. Their debut EP "[explicit content]" has just hit the web.

"[explicit content]" wastes no time getting things moving, opening with the song "Fatal Attraction". The song spurred a mosh pit and a dozen kids jumping around on stage when it was played at the Maxo Kream show last month, and that was before it was even released. It also goes without saying that young, white-t-draped rapper and producer J-Tone flexes all over "Want More" along with the rest of the EP. The quickly spit verses, catchy hooks, booming bass, and Kill Bill sirens all bring to mind recent Atlanta stars like Rae Sremmurd and Playboi Carti or Philadelphia's Lil Uzi Vert. In short, if you're handed the aux cord at the party or in the whip and you don't play this EP, you're doing everyone in attendance an injustice.

Stream the "[explicit content]" EP below and expect a release show soon.

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