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Pick 6 with Dom Chronicles

Dom performing a song while hosting the Father concert earlier this week
Dom Chronicles is a Kansas City rapper and perhaps the most exciting artist on the Indyground Entertainment roster. The hardworking emcee dropped his new album "Reality Makers" last week after returning from a tour which included a stint at SXSW in Austin, Texas. "Reality Makers" is full of slick, yet thoughtful hip-hop music and easily sets a personal best for the rapper.

Dom stays busy. With a few spare moments he had between playing shows, recording, deejaying at Sensei Parties, and hanging out at The Loop he picked out a playlist of six of his favorite songs for us. Read about some what Dom's been listening to, listen to those songs, and then stream or download his new album "Reality Makers," out now.

1. "Quality Time Lapse" by Sir Michael Rocks
It's always good hearing good music from the Midwest. I remember when The Cool Kids dropped with the song "Black Mags;" been a fan of Mickey Rocks ever since. This song in particular represents true creativity to me. The dialog going back and forth, so many elements in this song that are now known to be lost to the art. This song for me reminds me to continue to push forward the art. Y'all notice trap music plays going down right? [Laughs] Sucks for those dudes.

2. "Blind Man" by SPZRKT
Ive always been a lover of R&B. Excited to hear the new generation of upcoming artists in this genre because they are really capturing vibes that I haven't felt since the late '90's, early 2000's. This song reminds me of some Tyrese shit from his "Wanna Go There" album and that's the type of R&B stuck with me. Bottom line, this song is realer than real and the content makes me feel great about being able to love someone like I do now.

3. "Forever Ago" by Abjo
Abjo has been one of my favorite producers for the last five years. What's funny is that when I first heard him I told myself I need to work with this guy in the most official manner possible. Making timeless music is a big deal to me and him and the rest of the Soulection label do a good job at that. Most people don't know that I make beats and honestly they inspired me to take on the challenge. Production is such a big part of the industry and hearing beats like this literally made me want to jump in. Timeless music!

4. "Am I Wrong" ft. ScHoolboy Q by Anderson .Paak
Man, so this guy is probably my favorite artist at the moment. Nice blend of house and funk, definitely sets the mood for any occasion. I DJ this song at Sensei Parties and the response is always the same, they can't help but dance. I love when music makes you feel. Any song that gives you chills is truly timeless.

5. "M Y S E L F" by Choo Jackson
So I met this guy recently on my last tour in Pittsburgh, since then he has been in constant rotation. This song is mad inspiring. Sometimes I just wanna swag out (if anybody uses that term anymore, who cares). It's cool meeting other artist that are really putting their all into what they do. Inspiration is key.

6. "Airwaves" ft. Rothsteen by Both
Been friends with these guys for a while now. I feel like when it comes to the Midwest there's not alot of traffic but there is a ton of talent and these guys are definitely on that list. Like I said before, it's always good to hear good music from the midcoast. Keeping the real alive. DYI artist stand up.

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