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Keef Mountain - "Keef Mountain" Stream

Keef Mountain at The Riot Room
What many heavy metal fans fail to realize is that some of the best bands in the genre are made up of punks. After an extended break, Kansas City stoner metal duo Keef Mountain is ready to smoke the city out once again. Nearly four years in the making, the band's debut LP is now available.

The album's opener "Green Wizard" builds slowly for a minute and a half before erupting into a mid-paced chugging, weed-burning anthem. "Green Wizard" and the two songs that follow it made up the entirety of the band's 2012 demo tape, but were re-recorded in the LP sessions for a notably cleaner sound. Dillon Bendetti's drums take on a satisfyingly cavernous sound on the album due to being recorded in a Crossroads district basement rather than a real studio. Jake Hayde's guitar tone and technique takes leads from iconic acts such as Electric Wizard and Sleep. While many modern metal acts fuss over every note of every solo and churn out the most polished product they can, Keef Mountain has succeeded in creating one of Kansas City's most natural and authentic metal albums of recent years -- and one hell of a tribute to the leaf.

Stream and download the album below and order a record, CD, or tape from The Company

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