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Hometown Highlights: Antonio, Salty, Milo Chaffin + more

Things have certainly slowed down show-wise over the last couple weeks with summer coming to an end, but that doesn't mean Kansas Citians stopped releasing new music. Check out new tracks ranging from hip-hop to grindcore to post-punk to other stuff. Dig in.

Dame - "2 Girlfriends"
Cuffing season is upon us and Dame is looking to capitalize. "2 Girlfriends" is a polyamorous pop rap  earworm that will have even the most faithful of partners singing along. An excellent follow-up to his previous single "100 Missions." Grandview kids know how to write a song for the radio.

Napalm Meth - "Charred And Unidentified"
Clocking in at 27 seconds, "Charred And Unidentified" is the third track on Napalm Meth's new "Emetic Terror" EP. The one-man grind project has been releasing music regularly since May and doesn't seem to be giving up on giving Kansas City the most evil blasts of sonic violence they can manage.

Hate Shapes - "Crisis Face" (ft. Taryn Blake Miller)
Hate Shapes is Kansas City musician Joe Newman. Newman's new release "Mouthcrawler" is eight tracks of smooth, swirling downbeat tunes that are composed of electronic sounds, guitars, vocals, and other components. The album -- released by the prolific Intelligent Sound -- ends with "Crisis Face" featuring Taryn Blake Miller of Your Friend. Regular readers may remember Miller also managed to pop up on the new Psychic Heat single released last month.

Antonio - "Joy" (ft. Samurai)
Before shoving off for Atlanta, Samurai created the album art and laid down a verse for Antonio's debut EP "Pure." "Joy" finds the two in a decidedly upbeat, thoughtful mood, rapping about their aspirations over a sunny piano melody. Those still buzzing over Chance The Rapper's "Coloring Book" could certainly feel a connection to this one.

Tongues - "We Live Under A Bridge"
Available now for pre-order on Chicago's Moniker Records, Kansas City duo Tongues have completed an LP as dark as its name is long. "We Live Under A Bridge" is the first track on "I Really Have To Get My Life Back On Track Before I Cut All My Hair Off." The song's echoing electronic drums and grating guitar leads create a perfect opening for the gloomy, stress-fueled no wave record that is sure to follow.

Salty - "Die Lil Pupper"
Most of Kansas City can agree that Lil Toughies was a superior band name, but that hasn't fazed Jonathan Brokaw and his bandmates (so far, at least). The band has been uploading songs from their new release "Salt Floats" as they've been recording them. Featuring synth sounds reminiscent of a telephone and a confounding chorus, "Die Lil Pupper" has become a quick live favorite.

Milo Chaffin - "Toy Factory"
Milo Chaffin's infatuation with film is apparent on his debut musical offering. The album artwork is a photograph of a movie theater's concession stand and the EP's five tracks could very well be the soundtrack to a short film. "Toy Factory" is a quiet ambient piece filled with noises emulating the twitching and hissing of machinery along with a quiet, bluesy guitar riff signaling the daily grind of a factory worker.

Justinxshon - "Eye Candy"
Perhaps one of the most consistent young beatmakers in the area, Justinxshon dropped off a new track two weeks ago called "Eye Candy." Justin has a knack for mellower compositions, but "Eye Candy" shows off the producer's ability to create a party-ready, horn-sampling banger. Keep an eye out for some of his collaborations with Kansas City rappers in the upcoming months.

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