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Hometown Highlights: Hollis Ohio, Jorge Arana Trio, Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle + more

We aim to cover a wide range of music on all of our Hometown Highlights updates (and on the site in general), but this week's edition seems to be one of the most diverse yet. Check out new tracks from one of Lawrence's favorite rock bands, several Kansas City rappers, and two songs from two very different local jazz acts.

Hollis Ohio - "Cons"
Kansas City rapper Hollis Ohio hits several seemingly unrelated topics on "Cons." He quickly jumps from materialistic brags about clothing to contemplative lines about personal relationships. These quick switches in subject matter are smoothed over however, by a swirling, mellow beat and a dreamy guitar line. The overall outcome is a hazy and vibrant portrait of what Ohio's life seems to be like at the moment.

Jorge Arana Trio - "Speak, Beast"
Does Kansas City have another jazz fusion act? Does Kansas City need another jazz fusion act? Jorge Arana and his band are gearing up to release their new album "Mammoth" via Haymaker Records on September 23rd and have given their fans a preview. "Speak, Beast" is an eerie track that features a droning synth note through all five minutes. Arana's guitar rips through the track like a buzzsaw and drummer Josh Enyart plays as angrily as you can on a song associated with the genre.

Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle - "Bathroom Wardrobe"
If the Jorge Arana Trio is the stormy, cold blast of experimental jazz, then Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle is the warm fireplace waiting for as you retreat inside. "Bathroom Wardrobe" is a quiet and inviting cut off the band's upcoming sophomore LP "Kings & Queens."

Zarin Micheal - "Glow"
Kansas City must have collectively downed a monstrous bottle of NyQuil, because the city is still sleeping on Zarin Micheal. The teenage rapper is back with another potential crossover hit in "Glow." Micheal repeatedly pounds in the autotuned hook of "You can't have my bitch, no/Ice all on my wrist, glow," over a Bam Keith/Fractious Frank beat. Imagine a much colder, tougher Lil Uzi Vert performing this one.

Star B - "This Is" (ft. Izzy and J-Tone)
Star B popped in during last month's Mills Record Company show to perform this song with Izzy and J-Tone. The rapper and his younger counterparts give making a hometown anthem their best shot and each of the three deliver some of their finest verses of the year.

Psychic Heat - "Starve"
The guys in Psychic Heat are as talented at being patient as they are at playing their instruments. The Lawrence band's debut LP "Sunshower" was released earlier this year after a lengthy wait after recording it in April 2014. "Starve" is the b-side to a new Replay Records 7" single and was recorded in 2014 after the "Sunshower" sessions. The laid-back, six minute rock tune includes vocals and keyboard parts from Taryn Miller of Your Friend.

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