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Photo Gallery: Local Natives/Charlotte Day Wilson at CrossroadsKC

Taylor Rice of Local Natives
Hot off the release of their third album, "Sunlit Youth," California quintet Local Natives performed an hour and a half of light, shimmering indie rock. Cuts off the new album were more streamlined and quickly accessible than previous songs, allowing those who hadn't heard them yet to get dancing right away. Old favorites from the band's first two albums elicited passionate sing-alongs. Toronto singer Charlotte Day Wilson and her band opened the show with an impressive set cut short due to worries of rain later in the evening. Despite only getting to perform four songs, Wilson -- who also displayed her talent at guitar, bass, and saxophone -- quickly won over the crowd. Her BadBadNotGood collaboration "In Your Eyes" pleased those both in the know and those who chuckled at the band's name.

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