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Hometown Highlights: Nubiles, Hanna Maria Albina, Roswell Child + more

Today's Hometown Highlights features nine new local tracks. Post-punk, hip-hop, punk rock, and acoustic singer-songwriter tunes all make the cut. Give them a click and see what Kansas City's been up to last couple weeks.

Nubiles - "Rotten"
After punk trio Sucked Dry disbanded in 2013, Nic Allred moved to Chicago. Upon his arrival in the Windy City, Allred recorded a demo with his new band Nubiles. The band then recorded what was supposed to be a 7" EP that featured two songs from the demo plus a new song. Allred moved back to Kansas City and recruited new bandmates last year, but the band called it quits and the 7" was never pressed. Allred recently decided to post the tracks online. "Rotten" is the track that wasn't on the demo and is a minute and a half of upbeat post-punk goodness. Allred is currently busy playing in hardcore band No Quarter and powerpop band The Whiffs, but the return of Nubiles would certainly be a treat for Kansas City's rock-n-roll faithful.

Donnell - "Forever And Beyond"
Donnell has become one of the city's most consistent and productive young rapper-producers. He has released a mixtape and an EP so far this year as well as a handful of singles. The most recent of those singles is "Forever And Beyond." The track is a touching tribute to a fallen friend that features a looping soul sample that Donnell raps over with the memories they shared, their plans for the future, and the crushing emotions he's been left with.

Gene - "KC Lovin'"
Most of the talk generated by the Gene's "America Was Never Great" EP focused on its title, its crude Microsoft Paint artwork, and track four's vicious attack on art school students. What discussions should be focused on is "KC Lovin'" -- a short track packed with Protex worship, catchy stop-start riffs, and tales of a wild, all-night love affair.

Dead Dads Club - "Bloody Mouth"
It's over before you know it, but "Bloody Mouth" by Dead Dads Club is an fitting soundtrack to a rainy, late summer's day. The self-recorded track features gentle guitar playing by singer-songwriter Alice Ryan paired with her soothing vocals and harmonies. The rest of the "Riff Doesn't Know Shit" EP produces a similar mood.

Hanna Maria Albina - "Just A Mistake"
For those knowledgable about Johnson County indie rock in the past few years, Hanna Maria Albina was briefly the vocalist for The Amusement. In one of her first solo ventures since then, Albina offers a woeful acoustic tune called "Just A Mistake." Albina's powerful, saccharine vocals soar over her quiet strumming and set her apart from the throngs of local singer-songwriters posting their music online.

Dame - "100 Missions"
We'll admit it, we slept on this one. Kansas City/Grandview rapper Dame dropped this track three months ago. Could "100 Missions" fit right in on a Big Sean album? Definitely. Would it be one of the best songs on that album? For sure. Does any of that matter? That's up to you. Dame has most likely DM'd your girl and if she checked out this song, it might be over for you.

Bedroom Wounds - "Swallow"
For now, Bedroom Wounds is Kristian Kyle Ratliff. The Springfield, IL musician will be making the move to Kansas City in the coming weeks and self-released the debut Bedroom Wounds EP in hopes of recruiting a band to play its songs upon his arrival. Opening track "Swallow" is a plodding, shadowy post-punk cut that is superbly recorded and makes for a great appeal to local rockers to join in on Ratliff's gloomy venture.

Irv Da Phenom - "The Come Up"
A decade into his journey through independent hip-hop, Irv Da Phenom has dropped one of his most compelling cuts yet. On "The Come Up" Irv raps about his early days -- rapping in high school hallways, dropping his first tape, and sneaking into the club. "I was just a boy in the hood trying to be the man in my city/Dope boys, trap boys, jack boys was all fuckin' with me," spits Irv on the topic of his Wyandotte ascent.

Roswell Child - "Too Much To Bear"
Weaver isn't the only area rapper to get extraterrestrial this year. Kansas City rhymer Roswell Child teamed up with producer Zelus for his first EP "Heavy Sigh." "I'm thumbing through The X-Files, they call me David Duchovny," raps Roswell Child in a stumbling, Earl Sweatshirt-esque flow. If lo-fi, nocturnal stoner rap sounds like something you'd be into, give this a listen.

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