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Weaver x Conductor Williams - "Lunar Codex" Stream

Weaver and Conductor Williams are a new local team who have just dropped their first joint release. Weaver is a young Lawrence rapper we've been following who has a knack for making thoughtful and mellow tunes about outer space delivered with the wittiness of an early Mac Miller, but a charm and intelligence of his own. Weaver dropped his solo mixtape "Last Name Pancho" in 2015. Conductor Williams is a Kansas City producer with a deep appreciation for the classics. Williams is a grizzled veteran of the city's hip-hop scene as a member of BLKFLANL and Heartfelt Anarchy. Some were surprised at the announcement of this K-10 linkup, but the unlikely duo is proving to be one of this year's best surprises.

Conductor Williams
Track four on the "Lunar Codex" EP -- "Weaver Plays It Cool" -- begins with a sample of Roy Ayers' classic "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" and sets a relaxed West Coast vibe for the track as Stoney Jackson spits a guest verse. That sample then fades out and a new one enters with much quicker percussion and bass grooves, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest. Weaver's laid back, effortlessly smooth shuffle on the track is similar to New Yorkers like Joey Bada$$ or Smoke DZA. The transition between and melding of East and West Coast hip-hop styles on this release is impressive, but the stoney sincerity and middle-of-the-map heart Weaver shows on "Embers" and "You And I" is what ties the project together. The project's grand finale, "First Steps," chronicles Pancho's trip to the moon over whirring space age beats and cements this pair of Midwestern astronauts as one of 2016's most promising local pairings that can be enjoyed by hip-hop fans new and old.

Stream/buy the release below and see Weaver x Conductor Williams for free live at Mills Record Company on July 8th.

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