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Live This Week: June 5th-11th, 2016

As you may know, we curate a very frequently updated local show list on the site, but if you need a quick look at the week's shows you can just check the homepage on Sunday mornings to see all the best shows laid out nice and tidy for you. Have a good week, see you at the gig!

Superheaven w/ Creepoid, Spirit Of The Beehive, Youth Pool, and Trapper
June 5th @ Jackpot Music Hall (Lawrence)

Marley Young w/ Tiny & The Kid Nicky Halt and Izzy/J-Tone/WontoN
June 6th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Arc Flash w/ All People and Real Adults
June 7th @ 8th St. Taproom (Lawrence)

Goya w/ Merlin and Custom Black
June 7th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

The Cure
June 8th @ Starlight Theatre (KC)

Gee Watts w/ Ayel, Star B, Rashiyd Ashon, and Jyo
June 8th @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)

Summer Cannibals w/ Wides
June 8th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
21+ - 10pm

Fishbone w/ The New Riddim
June 9th @ Crossroads (KC)

Klout w/ Blindside USA, Beta Boys, and Agent
June 9th @ Gacy's Place (KC)
$5 - All Ages - 7pm

Chasm w/ Warm Bodies and Shy Boys
June 9th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)
21+ - 10pm

Azizi Gibson
June 9th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Buildings w/ Bummer and Dodecad
June 9th @ The Chum Bucket (KC)
All Ages - 7pm - $5

Chasm w/ Warm Bodies
June 10th @ Harrison Street DIY (KC)
All Ages - 6pm

Sports w/ Lobby Boxer and Not Like Igor
June 10th @ Harrison House (KC)
7pm - All Ages

Paul Simon
June 11th @ Starlight Theatre (KC)

Venom Inc. w/ Necrophagia, Nevalra, and Sacred Leather
June 11th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Girls Rock Lawrence Camp Showcase
June 11th @ Liberty Hall (Lawrence)

Dressy Bessy w/ Pop Empire and Arc Flash
June 11th @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

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