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Photo Gallery: Superheaven/Creepoid/Spirit Of The Beehive/Youth Pool/Trapper at Jackpot Music Hall

Taylor Madison of Superheaven
Back in April, Philadelphia grunge rockers Superheaven announced that they would be going on an "indefinite hiatus" after their upcoming tour. The former pop-punkers played their Lawrence date of that tour on Sunday night to a very small crowd at the Jackpot. Guitarist Taylor Madison looked around at the small turnout at one point and joked that "this is why" the group was breaking up. Superheaven brought Creepoid and Spirit Of The Beehive on tour with them and locals Youth Pool and Trapper opened. Also of note, Spirit Of The Beehive played less than half an hour and Superheaven less than 40 minutes.

Full photo gallery:

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